Superfoods, which are nutrient-rich, healthy foods, are well-known for reducing risks of cancer, heart diseases and other serious illnesses.

A healthy diet usually consists of superfoods, such as quinoa, spinach, salmon, avocado, pumpkin, apples, almonds, blueberries, kale, beans and bison. These superfoods are key ingredients in the food offered here at Bountiful Eatery. It’s easy to eat healthy and or stay on a healthy diet every day with food from Bountiful Eatery. Read More

Gluten Free Living

Celiac Disease is a genetic disorder that affects at least 1 in 133 Americans. Symptoms range from weight loss and malnutrition to progressive weight loss bone pain and chronic diarrhea. People affected by celiac may suffer damage to parts of their intestines.

According to, “If a person with the disorder continues to eat gluten, studies have shown that he or she will increase their chances of gastrointestinal cancer by a factor of 40 to 100 times that of the normal population.” To find out more we have set up links for your convenience and of course offer a full menu that is gluten free. Read More


For all your Catering needs, Bountiful Eatery can help you with any size event, from an intimate dinner for 4 to luncheons for 100. We do what no one else does and delivery a completely gluten free dining experience right to your door.

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Smoothie Delivery

Want a smoothie but don’t want to go out? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. We have a special system in place in order to make your delivery go as smoothly as possible.

You can build your own smoothie with ingredients such as almond milk, soy milk, bananas, berries and more, or, you can order off of our smoothie menu.

Our restaurant delivers the entire menu, including smoothies, as far north as Bryn Mawr, west to Kedzie and south to Division; we are ready when you are. Order here online, call or fax.

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Every single item on our menu is gluten free. We offer over 30 different fresh and healthy entrees for you to choose from.

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Take a virtual tour of our restaurant. Get familiar with the experience before you walk in!

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